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The Parish Finance Council is a consultative body that assists the Pastor in meeting the financial obligations of the parish. It is a council of Christian parishioners selected according to the pastor in the administration of meeting the financial needs of the parish. Its representatives are chosen based on skills or expertise in the management and/or finance. Each parish has a Finance Council which is regulated by universal law, as well as by norms established by the Archdiocese. The Finance Council reviews the parish internal controls and accounting procedures to ensure financial policies are implemented and monitored. The Financial Council participates in the developing and implementation of the parish’s annual budget and communicates the annual budget to parish ministries and organizations. The Finance Council interacts with parish groups/councils to study, create, and revise plans for the effective management of the parish resources.


Betsy Jourdan, Chairperson

Brenda Ancrum

Bob Gaubert

Brandy Lake

Steve Matonak

Flynn Warren

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