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The Mass is the highest form of Christian charity. It re-presents the perfect sacrifice of Calvary, and so it is the priest's essential duty and his greatest honor to offer Holy Mass. In all ages, the Christian faithful have traditionally offered alms for the celebration of the Mass, for the support of the priest and the maintenance of the church where the sacred rites are celebrated.


The faithful may request that Mass be offered for a special intention, often for another individual, living or deceased.


If you prefer to send a form by mail (online is your fastest option), please print the Mass Intention Request Form (click here to download form) (complete one form for each Mass). Then mail the completed form, along with your Mass Offering (see form for details), to the St. Anna's Catholic Church, 1401 Alcovy St., Monroe, GA 30655.


  • A Single Mass. The suggested offering is $10.
  • A Specific Date, nameday, birthday, or anniversary. The suggested offering is $20.
  • Perpetual Mass Association. One Mass is offered monthly for all those who are enrolled, living and deceased. The suggested offering is $300.
  • A Novena of nine consecutive Masses for a special intention. The suggested offering is $180.


"By giving donations for the celebration of the Mass, the faithful associate

themselves more closely with Christ's act of offering Himself as a victim

and in so doing experience the effects of the Mass more fully."
~ Pope Paul VI



Online Mass Intention request form.

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If there is a discrepancy or if the date is already taken on the date/day of your request, the secretary will contact you to arrange for another mass date.


If you have any questions, please call the office at 770-267-7637 or email


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