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This is a list of upcoming events for St Anna’s.  Check the bulletin and calendar for other events and further details. Select the links for Weekly Bulletin, and Monthly Calendar on the left of this page.  Missing events that should be listed in this page... just send an e-mail to




Sundays at 6:30am - TV Mass for the homebound - TV Mass for the homebound will be on WPXA channel 14 at 6:30 am every Sunday. Share the time and channel information with those who are unable to come to church.

Cable and Satellite Channels: AT&T U-verse ch.14,1014; Bellsouth ch.12; Comcast ch.12, 812; Park Lane ch.24; DirecTV ch.14;Dish TV ch. 14.




Note for St Anna’s Ministry Coordinators: If you have an upcoming St Anna’s Catholic Church related event, please complete the “Web Announcement Request Form” or contact the parish office for posting in the web and/or other publications.



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