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Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry Program of St. Anna’s Catholic Church is a program to form a young, dynamic and orthodox community that is passionately in love with Jesus Christ and the Roman Catholic Church. Through relational ministry and discipleship, we seek to facilitate lifetime conversions to Christ and his Church which will lead the youth of our Parish on the road to salvation.

Guided by the Holy Spirit, and through the Intercession of Mary the Mother of God, we participate in the life of the Church through liturgy, prayer, service, and fellowship. We are strengthened by the Sacraments, grounded in Sacred Scripture and Tradition, and directed by the teachings of the Catholic Church. Through this foundation, ongoing and individual discipleship and a “New Evangelization” methodology, we will spread the Gospel to the youth of the Parish and develop a new generation of young, Catholic evangelists.


Contact info:
Religious Education Office at 770-267-7637














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